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We started Spicy Teriyaki so we could have a place to chat about spicy teriyaki every day with like-minded Sounders. The comments section should be a place of joy, so we wrote out some rules to abide by that help keep everyone in check.

PSA: We love diverse opinions and hearty debates. We're not pro referees here, so if you spot something that's offside, flag it to us and we'll handle it.


1. Keep the spirit of the comments section alive. We're all about open dialogue, minus the foul language and shenanigans. If a commenter's behavior starts obstructing our free-flowing footy convo, they'll be shown the red card.

2. Let's try to sideline politics here. With so much Sounders buzz to dish about, let's focus on that. If politics do cross into our field, play fair and remember everyone's entitled to their view. This is a blog for all fans.

3. Zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, or any form of disrespect. That's a straight red card offense. Keep it up and you'll be permanently benched.

4. This blog is a side gig, not a full-time job. We don't endorse every viewpoint. If something's seriously out of line, send us a Twitter direct message and we'll tackle it.

5. Let's avoid any defamatory posts.

6. Don't forget to give the writer a virtual high-five every now and then. It's nice to be nice!

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