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A Seattle Sounders Supporters Opinion Blog

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Spicy Teriyaki!!!

The goal of this blog is to offer Sounders fans a place to gather, discuss and share opinions about the team and being a Sounders fan. We plan to have delicious, tasty takes on the games, on the organization overall, the fan culture and whatever else we feel like talking about. This is an fan opinion blog so we expect you to disagree with us and that’s good! But please remember we are all part of the same Sounders community. In our view, a strong community is based on dignity and respect when sharing and voicing opinions. Spicy Teriyaki isn’t going Ghost Pepper/Carolina Reaper destroy your evening levels of spice and vitriol, more like a nice tingly sensation that pairs well with some rice and a little salad. So please share and comment but remember we are all supporting the same team together! The collective behind this website don’t always agree with one another and expect differing opinions and approaches depending on who’s cooking in our blog kitchen.

Our hope is to try to maintain a wide open middle path, neither hyper-critical nor fawning and uncritical, but to write what we see and share how we’re feeling. We want you to share in this sentiment and help create a vibrant discussion.

Thank you and Please Come Again!


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