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The Plan Keeps Coming Up Again..

Let's get talking about the Seattle Sounders the (very) ONLINE Sounder voices over on Twitter. I have been kicking around the idea of starting a blog about the Sounders for awhile now as a way to share and build community for a club that I spend way too much time thinking about. The website got going when my soccer bestie who is technologically savvy got this website started and made a vague suggestion into a beautiful reality. We've noticed that while there are Sounders posters on Twitter and a discussion board, there really doesn't seem to be a prominent, fan-based perspective blog where fans can come talk about what they are seeing and how they are feeling. Spicy Teriyaki is our attempt to feed the people starving for more Sounders talk. So let's get eating..

Part of what inspired the drive to finally start writing is the difficult set of results we’ve been seeing lately. The Sounders are on a bad run of form right now and to be honest I get really annoyed when I go online and see things like SUPPORTERS shouldn’t criticize the club publicly! At all! Ever! But fortunately for us, this isn’t the Mafia and there does not need to be a code of omertà just to watch twenty-two men run around a field kicking a ball. As it is, I do happen to believe I can support and love this team while also having opinions thats are sometimes critical. I can hold two ideas at once, sometime even three but I need to lie down and nap if I try any more than that.

In writing, I’m hoping to bring some tactical nuance in our viewing of this beautiful game without getting bogged down by too many diagrams and stats. I think some understanding of team shape, structure and overall tactical setup helps casual fans like me have a better understanding of what we are actually watching as opposed to relying on silly statistics like xG or insisting that the solution to the Sounders losing streak is better body language! Jordan Morris has the body language of a sleepy bear mildly drunk on honey and salmon ready for an afternoon nap, whether he is scoring goals or not. What’s next, telling Joao Paolo he needs to smile more?

So look for future posts going into the Sounders 4-2-3-1 structure, the general lack of offense we’ve seen since the start of April and why the defense keeps giving up soft goals despite actually being pretty solid overall.

That’s it for me today, let me know in the comments what you think and if there’s anything else you would like to see Spicy Teriyaki cover as we get this blog rolling!



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